Dark Crystals

Julie Eilenberger

Sometimes I wish us mortals could be blessed with the powers of omnipresence. It could really have come in handy during Berlin Fashion Week, as when I was riding bikes at Bread & Butter, 24 year old Julie Eilenberger from Denmark, was showing her magnificent galactic science fiction meets real life collection. I was going to say it’s her graduate collection, but she’s actually got two more years to go before she graduates. But before I go off sulking about our lack of theological rankings (it’s so hard being human isn’t it?) I thought I might share with you some pieces from her collection and a short interview the lovely lady….

Me: What’s the story behind this collection?
Julie Eilenberger: Its inspired by early science fiction, such as Kubrick´s 2001 – Space Odyssey, Barbarella and Logan’s run. I’m always inspired by ( old ) movies and begin my collections on my couch with my tv and pen ‘n’ paper. So the outfits are somewhat futuristic but with a feeling of history to.
Me: Sounds like my kind of evening… How did you get those shoulders? Amazing!
Julie: The exaggerated shoulders and the corsage is made by foam, which I cut out with a scissor, ( yes it took forever and I was actually blue inside my hand.. ) the rest is mainly made by chiffon and jersey, all covered with a universe print. The black crystals I got sponsored from Swarovski, and they fit perfectly into my theme.

Julie Eilenberger
Julie Eilenberger
Julie Eilenberger
Julie Eilenberger

All clothes, jewelry and shoes by Julie Eilenberger
Black crystals sponsored by: Swarovski
Photographer: Yves Borgwardt
Model: Kati, seeds

jennineDark Crystals

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    ❤ ashe… i particularly like her method of research! ;)
    ❤ susie.. oh yeah… it’s true i think though it’s the overall feeling that makes it… quite exquisite…

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    ❤ meg.. maybe one day!
    ❤ natanya… i know! it’s stunning really that she has a few more student collections to make before she’s done…def keep an eye on her!
    ❤maria… yep, i can’t get enough of the universe prints

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