Shoe d’jour : Kron by KronKron

kron by kronkron
It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into my Shoe d’jour posts… one of those blog segments that I miss, but they’ve a bit stressy… it doesn’t mean that I don’t spend hours and hours daydreaming about the shoes I see online. When I came across Kron by KronKron on Neverendingstory I just about flipped my lid. While shoes these days seem to be one weapon design after another, these playful heels have a delicate mix between sporty and girly. What’s more, is with the Icelandic exchange rate, these shoes go in the neighborhood of  $288 not exactly cheap, but not astronomical for the unique shoe design.

jennineShoe d’jour : Kron by KronKron

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    ashe…oh i miss them, maybe i’ll doe a shoe lust roundup once a week. the daily stuff was making me crazy!

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