Tye Died

Never in a million years did I ever think I’d wear tie dye anything, ever. Well, never say never. A few weeks ago, I posted about Black Market Baby pondering about the state of Canadian fashion, and well, I just found Audrey Cantwell’s etsy shop to be irresistible. A few clicks later, and here I am wearing a tie die tee-shirt dress, another thing I thought I’d never wear, tee shirt dresses. Though the dress isn’t cotton, I do really like the way it drapes, and it’s quite cozy yet effortlessly chic. I find that wearing this with a a simple pair of sandals is just perfect for summer days.

Dress: Black Market Baby ❤ Cardigan : Thrifted ❤ Sandals : Repetto

jennineTye Died

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  1. Nicole

    It’s funny because I have been loving so many different styles lately. Some I totally thought I would never like and I would never wear. But, people are reinventing old styles and so many are truly wonderful! The reason why fashion is so interesting, it’s always changing.

    Also, I just noticed that you take your own photos. So do I, it can be a challenge but, it’s fun too. I am always curious who else takes their own pictures. Glad to know you do too.

    Nicole’s last blog post..I Added The Pink Slip in the Post Below To Etsy

  2. Post

    ❤ Ashe, Oh I bet she could do a custom size… these actually run larger than normal sizes,but she seemed really nice to work with… and the price is really reasonable. (and we could be dress twins!)
    ❤ Y.. so comfy
    ❤ thanks wendy!
    ❤ rae…oh it does! and this summer has had a lot of cloudy stormy skies, so it fits…
    ❤ nicole, oh yeah, well sometimes rocky helps, but a lot of times it’s me and the remote, i have got tosay having a remote helps, but it’s still challenging..
    ❤ sweetyp… oh yeah, i’d never thought i’d like it as much as i do, so you should give it a try, you might be surprised.
    ❤ thanks shoegirl, the shoes are like walking barefoot on soft leather sofas.. nice.
    ❤ dreamesquins, oh i bet you look so lovely in both!
    ❤ bryna, oh the sandals were a risky buy, i liked them, but i like them more this year than last…
    ❤ aidan! thanks, he does, but this time it was me and the remote…

  3. Tamia

    Like you, I was never really into the whole tie-dye thing–a bit too hippie-ish for my taste.

    But this past season, I’ve been spotting pieces I really like! I think you’ve interpreted it perfectly here: neutral tones, subtle draping, great shoes. Love it!

    Tamia’s last blog post..Top 10: Online Shops

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  5. fashion herald

    what a fantastic dress, and your pictures are gorgeous! I think i wore tie dye once in high school, and got mercilessly teased b/c i was so not a dead head.But this dress i’m going to check out.

  6. Post

    ❤ imelda… oh i’ll miss the green too, but i think they have foliage in chicago… maybe…
    ❤ annie, i bet you’ll carry it off so great too!
    ❤ fashion herald… ahhah i can totally relate to that…

  7. violetville

    i’m right with you on the anti/pro tie-dye line of thought, jennine! i just bought an awesome vintage tee that feels surprisingly “me”, and i bought box full of rit at an estate sale. so i’m thinking maybe!

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