Three Fashion Video Channels Worth Subscribing To

Since I’ve begun blogging, watching TV had definitely taken a back seat. I used to watch TV all the time, like it totally raised me (sorry mom). I kind of miss veg-ing out on the sofa… and internet TV, well it’s hard to find the good stuff… I mean, some fashion bloggers do magnificent videos, like our own Sonja… then Mademoiselle Robot and SuperKawaiiMama, and Agent Lover make superb videos. Here are a few additional fashion videos that might be out of your regular path of internet travel:


bennyjournal‘s channel is a fashion lovers dream, I found out about this from See Like Me. From beautiful outtakes from Fly Magazine to short talks on how Marios Schwab plans to turn women into jewelry (oh yes, it’s possible…). I don’t think any of the videos are original, but they certainly inspire the most tired eyes. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to unravel one of my sweaters in an open field…. see if it looks as cool as this lady.


WSITN totally mixes it up with fashion and beauty. Queen of smoky eyes and leggings, I really spent a good portion of my morning checking out his lovley videos on YouTube. WSITN seems to be more active on YouTube than on his own blog What Style Is To Nickel but it’s good to catch the blog to see all the previews of makeup and runway reviews. In this video he talks about spring basics, which yeah… I know, we all love our basics, but he also talks about his DIY studded biker jacket. Sweet.


Whether you need to learn how to thread a needle or make your own hat mold, Threadbanger has the most useful DIY posts. Certainly more crafty than fashiony I really love the on pretentious nature of this channel, part camp part utilitarian I always enjoy watching the videos… kind of like I enjoyed watching Mr. Rogers Factory Tours. My favorite Threadbanger video is this one above on how to make your own felt hats… certainly millinery is more difficult, but they make it look so darn easy.

What are your favorite fashion video channels?

jennineThree Fashion Video Channels Worth Subscribing To

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