How to Make Feather Earrings and Necklaces…

The feathers were calling me from down the street. I didn’t want just any pretty feather, but something darker… I had been marveling at the giant crows in the neighborhood as of late, their shiny black feathers and black beaks seem so contradictory to the delicate spring blossoms. I would guess, black feathers would be more of an autumnal thing, but leave it to me to be a little off step. Black feather jewelry is really hard to find… I personally like it because it seems less hippy-ish and more edgy while still highlighting the beautiful motif.

Over the weekend, I stopped in the local craft store and picked up a couple packets of black feathers, I wanted to make earrings out of them, as I haven’t been much inspired by any earrings I’ve been seeing lately, and the ones I am inspired by…welly they cost a pretty penny, so we’ll get them later. I found with some sterling silver earring hooks, some sliver plated copper wire and some wire cutters, I was able to make a few pairs of earrings and a few necklaces. I’m not a jewelry maker by any means, and my method is a bit rough… but I actually really like the visual effect of my lack of skill.

This is what you’ll need: 1. Feathers 2. Scissors 3. Wire cutters 4. Wire 5. Earring hooks, or necklace chain
So here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own feather jewelry… I’m still learning how to do this whole video thing…

jennineHow to Make Feather Earrings and Necklaces…

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  1. Edith

    I absolutely ADORE those!

    I have about nine pairs of earring hooks from when I had to fix a pair of earrings, so I might have to make some.

    To make the supplies even cheaper, you could get the hooks on Etsy – my ten pack cost 30 cents and a dollar for shipping and that was from Australia to Deutschland!

  2. ElectricAlyce

    …I LOVE YOU!!! I’ve been thinking of this for a while but didn’t think it was possible without expensive equipment, So thank yoooooouuuuuu :D

  3. Ashe Mischief

    I love them! They’re so simple but bold. The last pair seems like a great way to incorporate old earrings you may not wear anymore, that is missing a mate, etc.

  4. Retro Chick

    They look amazing!

    I’ve always steered clear of feather jewellery as it’s seemed a little hippyish to me and I don’t really dress that way, but those look brilliant!

    Hmm, I am feeling inspired to make feather jewellery, must find a craft shop over Easter

  5. Post

    ❤ jesse…oh man, i have a whole pile of broke earrings!
    ❤ edith…great tip! i’m going to do that next!
    ❤ electric… i was surprised too…but to tell the truth, if it required all that, i wouldn’t have done it!
    ❤ashe i have so many singles… same thing with socks!
    ❤ retro, you and me both!
    ❤ fritha, probably better against your light hair!
    ❤ apricot, i can see you with a loong feather necklace, the longer the better
    ❤ corrie, that was a surprising bit for me too…crazy huh?
    ❤ amy *blush*
    ❤ maegan, the circles are my favorite…
    ❤ sal, you and me both. i’m a total craft school drop out
    ❤ vanesa you are welcome.

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  7. Foley

    This is gorgeous! Especially the way the wire wraps around the feather! Thank you very much for the nice tutorial, sometimes we don’t think of doing this kind of easy things…

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  11. Norma

    Thank you so much for video tutorial, I have been trying to decided how to use pheasant feathers to make earrings, feel much more confident now!

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  14. JenJewel

    Great tutorial! I’ve been making feather jewelry like this for a while now. Fly fishing stores are a great spot to get high quality materials from. I’ve gone to http://www.theflyfishers.com for a ton of my feathers and have been very happy.

  15. Nita

    Yeah, great tutorial on making feather earrings. Just wanted to offer a little tip for future earring-making. My tip is: Instead of having to wrap all that wire around your feather— get some “crimp beads” and use one of these in place of the wire you’ve been using. Saves on time and money. You can get them anywhere (they are sold in variety packs of 50, 100, 200, etc.) and they come in every metal and color under the sun for dirt cheap. All you need is one. Place the crimp bead on the base of your feather (same place you’ve wrapped the wire), clamp down on the crimp bead with crimping tool or any other type tool you might have handy (needlenose pliers, regular pliers, etc.) anything that will clamp down on the crimp bead causing it to attach itself to the feather. Once crimp bead is in place, attach your fish hook to it (crimp beads come with a loop attached to one end for this purpose) and wa la! Your done. Again, this will save you having to buy and use all that wire and the crimp beads will give you a neater, more professional look. There’s also no way that your feathers will slip out and fall off like there is when wrapping wire around them. Hope this helps.

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