Goodbye to Panty Lines and Whale Tails

image via Square America (a site really worth looking through)

The other day I wrote about hair and makeup innovations. Today I’ve got a fabulous fashion and health innovation to share: Commandos. It’s a pretty genius idea. They basically took the only part we need from women’s underwear, the cotton crotch, and put some adhesive on it so it adheres to the inside of pants. With Commandos, there’s no need to wear undies. It looks a lot better – no panty lines or “whale tails” – and it’s even good for our health, because it allows for better, ahem, airflow. Gynecologist Dr. Karen Lee calls the patches “a brilliant invention!”

organic-packI was really excited to try Commandos, because I hate the look of panty lines and feel so self conscious about them. I especially love it when my underwear rides up. That’s awesome. But I continue to wear them, because I don’t like the way thongs feel – like I’ve got a constant wedgie – and I don’t feel comfortable simply going without underwear.

To learn more about these brilliant panty-replacers, I chatted with Commando-in-Chief Jo Bernard, who was kind enough to provide a nice discount just for Coveted readers.

What It’s Like

I felt a little naughty, a little sexy, and a whole lotta happy that I didn’t have any panty lines.

I tried the Organic Cotton Jersey Patches and loved them. It felt a little weird at first, because I’m so used to wearing underwear. I felt a little naughty, a little sexy, and a whole lotta happy that I didn’t have any panty lines. Even though I was wearing jeans, it was totally comfortable. The soft, cotton patch protected me from scratchy seams. And it stayed in place very well. It was funny putting it on. It’s sort of like sticking a big bandage in the crotch of your pants. But the adhesive didn’t leave any sticky residue behind. Wear it once. Peel it off and toss.

There are four kinds in a variety of colors: undyed, organic cotton jersey for jeans and pants, cotton fleece for jeans, cotton fleece for delicates and stretch, and a thin, combed cotton for jeans and pants.

A Healthier Alternative

Four years ago, Jo Bernard and her partner came up with Commandos, because Jo was tired of her thong straps showing and getting wedgies from bikini panties. But a funny thing happened. They unintentionally invented something that’s good for “hoo hoo” health. These little, cotton patches create a loose, easy, breezy environment that isn’t irritating and let’s yer girl breathe, so to speak.

For some women, these patches have been life changing. Jo said a woman from Wisconsin wrote to her, “You saved my life.” This woman couldn’t wear any type of pants or underwear, because of a health condition. That’s when Jo discovered that Commandos were helping many women who suffered from things like endometriosis, fibromyalgia, yeast infections, and something she’d never even heard of, vulvodynia – all conditions that are irritated and worsened by traditional underwear. Some doctors have been so impressed with Commandos that they began selling them at their offices.

They’re also more comfortable for pregnant women who don’t want extra layers on a bulging belly and anyone playing sports. They’ve become quite popular with equestrians, who have to wear tight riding pants in a saddle, and backpackers, who like that these lighten their load.

Go Commandos with a Coveted Discount

bulk_boxI would totally wear these every day. But going Commandos isn’t cheap. A pack of eight costs $16-18 (about $2 a pop) so I’d be more likely to use them here and there with pants that are more prone to reveal panty lines.  A more affordable option is to buy in bulk and get the 50-pack for $72.50 ($1.45 each). If you want to try them, head to gocommandos.com and use your Coveted discount: get 10% off when you enter code COM-COV. Commandos are also available on amazon.com and at a few boutiques, doctors’ offices, and health food stores.

Do Tell

So what do you think of underwear, panty lines, and whale tails? Do you do regular panties or thongs? Ever skip underwear altogether or try Commandos? Do Tell.

SonjaGoodbye to Panty Lines and Whale Tails

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  1. Mer

    oh my, that picture is incredible…have to check out the site

    I have all kinds of underwear…maybe more of that than clothes! (oh, I just realized that!! :-D)

  2. Casey

    Interesting idea! As much as I love the idea, I simply couldn’t see myself using them often since I rarely wear pants. ;) But I think these would be genius for the summertime when it’s really too hot to wear panties with shorts. hehe!

  3. Ashe Mischief

    This is an interesting idea! I’m always annoyed at how my underwear always fall down, and have considered going commando under my pants lately. Something like this seems like a clever idea though…

  4. kezia

    Hmm…do they stay in place? I’m a total stretch lace girl/boy short devotee. Have always hated thongs!

  5. Sonja

    ❤ Mer, isn’t that site too funny?! I’ve got tons of underwear, too. But I’m excited to use them less often now.
    ❤ Casey, yes, I think it would be hard to wear them with skirts. hahaha! But these will definitely work well on hot summer days in shorts.
    ❤ Ashe Mischief, your underwear fall down?! Have you considered suspenders? hahaha! Yes, great ideas like that are why I don’t invent things. Commandos seem to be a better option.
    ❤ Sal, they’re definitely worth a try for those pants occasions. I rarely wear skirts so these are perfect for me.
    ❤ Kezia, yes, they stay in place quite well. The adhesive is medical-grade and very similar to what’s on a bandage. And the patches are quite flexible so that makes it easier for the adhesive to work. I hate thongs, too. I’ve just never been able to feel comfortable in them.
    ❤ LEAH, absolutely! :)

  6. Eve

    I hardly ever wear trousers, so if I want to go commando I have to do it without commandos. :)

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  8. kb

    Great idea! I go without undies when I wear my workout clothing. These would be perfect for my yoga pants!

  9. Karen

    Cool idea, but I don’t like the fact that they’re disposable. It seems wasteful of materials, not to mention landfill space.

  10. Sonja

    ❤ kb, yes, they’re perfect for that. Stretchy fabrics are such panty line revealers.
    ❤ Karen, I know what you mean. Would be great if they could find a way to make them biodegradable.

  11. Amy

    The fact that they are to be disposed of so easily holds me back – it seems so wasteful to throw away cotton like that after just one use, especially since it won’t decompose very quickly (if at all) in landfills. I’ve read somewhere that they found 20-year old hot dogs still perfectly intact since there is no room for the oxygen that is necessary for items to rot or decompose. I’d totally go for this idea if these things were washable/reusable.

  12. Sonja

    ❤ Eve, then I’m sure you’d be getting the ultimate, breezy experience. :)
    ❤ Amy, I agree. I hope that they will further innovate the idea to make them washable/resuable or compostable.

  13. cous cous

    Can’t you just use panty liners from brands like Stayfree? They’re a lot cheaper and it seems like the same idea.

  14. Sonja

    ❤ cous cous and jin, I totally see where you’re coming from. I thought the same thing. But Commandos are actually quite different. They’re super thin, flexible, and have a strong adhesive so they stay in place, unlike panty liners, which often move around even when adhered to panties, which don’t move around as much as pants do. I wouldn’t risk going with a panty liner, because it’s likely to fall off and then out a pant leg. I’d so not be into that. :)

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