Easy 80′s Hair

Personally, I did not have very stylish hair in the 80′s. Half of the 80′s I had two braids like Pipi Longstocking, and the other half consisted of the ‘feathered look’, the perm, and then the perm with a claw attached. Shudder. Looking back at the 80′s through the eyes of nostalgia, cinema and music, there were some really great hair styles. Robert Smith, I love you. Also, I really loved Susan Surandon’s hair in The Hunger though I’d not the courage to go short. Not after what happened in the 90′s. Shudder. Anyway, last week, when I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair for the Complex Geometries post I decided I needed something more dramatic than the regular mop I have a the moment, and with a twist and a clip, I came up with this updo. A few of you commented how much you liked it, so I decided to share the love in a video.

It only takes a few seconds, I swear.

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jennineEasy 80′s Hair

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  1. Amika

    Oh that looks great. Its like your own little hair-decoration. I’m just curious how it looks from the back?

  2. Post

    ❤ ashe..hehe, aahh the cube.
    ❤ alicia, you should! and take pics!
    ❤ amika… oh it looks like an updo i guess, i forgot to take photos of the back. sorry…

  3. Petite Cecile

    Girl, you sound so sweet! I love the hair and it suits perfectly with your make up.

    I want it to do it but my hair it´s too short I think :S

    Big kiss!

  4. Post

    ❤petite…. aw thanks…it’s so weird to hear my voice. bleh.
    ❤ sal.. oh yeah, though, i still do the ponytail quite a bit!
    ❤laurel… cool! i’m glad the video is helpful!
    ❤capitola…ah i SO wanted the asymmetrical bob, but no one would let me. stupid people and thier opinions, they ended up suggesting a perm instead.
    ❤ calamity, haha thanks, though many times they ain’t so lovely.
    ❤swan! ha! you have such big curls! so pretty.

  5. meruan

    you are so cute!
    i tried it but it looks weird with my curly hair… it’s like a giant poof on my head!

  6. K-Line

    Had a fabulous comment and the net ate it. Gist was that your hair is fantastic – your voice is sweet – and I only wish I had lovely, thick, wavy hair like that to try the look. Alas.

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