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Here’s a complex, I’m ambivalent towards tee shirts, yet I love cotton jersey. I’m also finicky with tomatoes, but I love tomato products.  Well, it’s true, I don’t really like regular t-shirts so much… I may have a couple that I really like (maybe I should do a post about my three tees) but generally, when it comes to cotton jersey, I love when people make dramatic sculptural pieces, then make them comfortable by using jersey. Complex Geometries does just this. They included this square hood tank for me when they sent us the IFB Dress Up prizes. I immediately wore it (like, five times in the last month). I had a lot of fun playing with the draping, but for the most part I wore it with a belt and sometimes a jacket. I really love the hood, and the racer back it’s all these details that make it extraordinary.

Here I’m layering the square hoodie with my winter AA turtleneck dress, tights, a Levi’s denim vest I picked up at the flea market (another piece I wear constantly)… tights… and my purple fringe shoes. First shown last week, but I thought I’d do a follow up, as I didn’t get in the details. Made by NYLA they are slightly too big, so sometimes I’ll wear them with socks, but I was able to snag them at DSW for $30 on sale and since the bloggosphere is going ga ga over alexander wang fringe boots, I’m going to take a wild guess we’re no where near being sick of fringe yet. I know I’m not.

Check out thier online shop to see more of thier creations ComplexGeometries.com, photos by the lovely ROCKY’S MOM!

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  1. DWJ

    First, love the outfit :) And I adore any and everything jersey. I’ve been sewing a lot lately and I only seem to want to make things out of fabulous jersey. It’s just so much more comfortable when it’s jersey. Oh and I love the shoes and fringe isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

  2. Post

    ❤ betsey.. ketchup rules. food is mostly just a vehicle for ketchup
    ❤ sweet ❤
    ❤ fajr…heh… its looking that way!
    ❤ D!!! ooh, i bet you’re coming up with some mighty cool things in jersey! hope to see them!

  3. Jillian

    I love that tunic and would purchase it immediately and probably love it forever if I had the $ right now. Sigh. It looks so versatile.

  4. Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

    YES, How amazing are Complex Geometries! I love jersey too but normally hate traditional t-shirts because the cuts are so unflattering.
    I wish I could afford some of their products. You may also like Aussie label Bassike!!

  5. apricot tea.

    I have a love/hate relationship with tomatoes, too! I loathe raw tomatoes, but I love tomato sauce for spaghetti. It’s very strange, & it bugs the hell out of my husband. ;]

    I love this outfit, btw. It’s effortless!

  6. Post

    ❤jilian if i had the $ i’d buy several more of their pieces, i hear yah
    ❤alicia, thanks for the tip!
    ❤sal thanks! it’s been a common theme as of late!
    ❤apricot.. hha rocky is so funny about it when i leave the tomatoes…
    ❤mellerobot… oh i totally twisted my hair so it went on top. easy peasy. i’ve had short hair before, but unless i got a perm, it wouldn’t be so voluminous.
    ❤produzentin…ha! you know the area! this is actually around offenbach, sort of a little south….

  7. Sonja

    Such pretty pics! You look lovely! I wear t-shirts so often it’s sometimes ridiculous. I love cotton jersey and easy-to-wear stuff that I don’t have to iron or dry clean. I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my “old age.” :)

  8. Lani Nguyen

    I LOVE everything about this outfit. The individual pieces and the overall look. Fabulous!

    I can’t wait to get my IFB complex geometries piece!

  9. Amanda Nicole

    I am a junkie for AA t-shirts, but maybe that’s just because I was a teenager in the ’90s. And I heart James Dean.

    The pics of you smiling are so freakin adorable!

  10. Post

    ❤frankie…well thank rockys mom for taking the photos!
    ❤wendy…too kind
    ❤sabrina… mee tooo, more cotton plz
    ❤sonja… amazingly enough, i ironed this before the shoot. heh, i guess when you line dry wrinkles still apply
    ❤susie…aaww… thanks
    ❤lani…i can’t wait to see it on you!
    ❤amanda…yea, aa will consume your life if you’re not careful!
    ❤rhiannon…well watch out, tomorrow you’ll see more!

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  12. Aja

    I have this and I love it too. Just took it to Miami and wore the hell out of it. That’s what I love about traveling. Putting your clothing to good use and getting everything good and stinky.

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