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Obviously, I’ve been on a bit of a shoe lust bender as of late. Of all things fashion, shoes are my first love. They are a bit like sculpture, particularly these days, when designers tend to take it to the next almost un-human level with shoes. Where a sensible pump was once the norm, now a days shoe designers are able to go as far as they want.

Korean shoe designer Suecomma Bonnie has certainly been one of those people coming out of their shells in the shoe department. The shoes are handmade with the best materials imported from Italy, France, Spain, and the UK. Considered one of the first generation of Koren shoe designers to hit the international market. Highly regarded amongst Asian celebrities, and the elite (the Koreans are also some of the world’s most dedicated fashion lovers).

What I liked the most about the new AW09/10 collection is that shoes are interesting, mirrored gladiators with hot pink soles, classic colors with bright details and raw edges delicately placed. They seemed to land in the zone between ‘oh my god, that’s crazy’ and well, elegant, and unique in enough to fall in love with. I really hope to see them expand more in the west, because the ladies in the East can’t have it all.


PS I totally took inspiration from their ad campaign, it was hard to get an isolated shot… thanks to photoshop, we’re able to get a good look.

jennineSuecomma Bonnie

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  1. Jennifer Perkins

    I adore the pair with the raw blue ruffles. I was just reading Bazaar yesterday and the Buy, Keep and Store section had ruffled heels in the buy column. Maybe it’s a sign.

  2. Post

    ❤ jennifer… it’s definately a sign
    ❤ ashe… because great minds think alike!

    oh man.. the blue ruffles with raw edges.. i’m unable to get them out of my mind either!

  3. Celia M.

    Hi Jennine!
    I really like the shoes, even when I look at the website I see lot of “inspired” styles, from Kirkwood to Topshop… ;-) Anyway, they´re fine!
    Kisses from Spain.

  4. aliah

    i know i’m late but … but i’ve been searching for more info on this designer everywhere. More information seems to be intangible here in the states . There are a pair in a local boutique in Atlanta and besides this encounter i cannot find out much about where they are available for purchase … any idea how even the boutique could have got their hands on them ? i want some !

  5. valeria

    I’m Valeria from Italy,and I would like to know if I can find SUECOMMA BONNIE to some italian agent or showroom because I like it for my shop NOBLESSE OBLIGE,here in Pesaro.
    I would like to see the collection,can you help me?
    Best regards,

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