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When I was a little girl, I couldn’t get enough stories. Good ones, bad ones, nice ones, scarrry stories… I loved them all. Listening intently and imagining what it would be like if I were there, like a guest character, in some other world, far away from here. My own childhood was quite bland visualy speaking, we lived in suburban track housing, in an overly normal world. When I come across people who are able to commuincate visually rich experiences, it’s like a message from another universe. Danish clothing line  Stories by Rykkemai draws upon her own personal experience of childhood, rich colors, quilting, patchwork, bird sequins. Everything seems like it should be in a dollhouse, unleashing your imagination to create your own story.

Here’s the new collection for Autumn 2009, captured at Who’s Next.

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  1. maria

    rikkemai is a really great and talented designer! She recently won “Guldknappen” (the Gold Button) – a prestigious design award from the magazine where I work. Check it out here: http://www.altfordamerne.dk/mode-skonhed/ugens-artikler/reportage-guldknappen-2008-/

    I also wrote a post about rikkemai and how she uses thai fabrics. The designer herself even left a comment on my blog! Read it here: http://modemedmere.blogspot.com/2008/09/lisu-og-hmong-hos-stories-by-rikkemai.html

    Her scarves have been very popular here in Denmark: Thai fabric with colorful tassels. But they are quite expensive and now every other highstreet store have copied the scarves!

    There’s much more to rikkemai than the scarves though. She does beautiful prints and her jackets and dresses are divine.


  2. Post

    k-line. tha’ts what i was thiking!

    charm, yes.. yellow rocks

    maria, wow… i saw she’s won alot of awards… and deservingly so. thanks for the links!

    fenke… i must get a bird sequin dress!

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