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Standing at the metro station, waiting for someone you’ve never met in real life can be a strange thing. Even with all the pictures on the internet, real life is never quite the same. I’ve met a few people who’s real life presence isn’t as good as thier photos, but only a few. Most people have a spirit that’s never really caught on film (pixels). In a sea of black winter coats, in the distance, I saw this lady in a pink coat and white mittens kind of skipping towards my friend Ivana and I. It was the dear Elodie form Le blog de la méchante (meaning: the blog of the mean girl). Now I’ve seen her photos, and they are always lovely, but in real life she was like a human cupcake. Sweet and pretty.

Elodie showed us around the Marais district of Paris, which I’ve been several times over the years, but it was nice to have a local show us her favorite stores, and bakeries. Everything seemed to have the quality of bows, silk and lace and the sweets were delectable. We stopped by this bakery her for a candy apple, and marshmallow-sticks smelling of coconut. I opted for the marshmallows and broccoli quiche (hey, I had to have something relatively nourishing). All in all it was really inspiring, especially for someone as cynical as me.

Here’s what Elodie was wearing… I love the mix between pastels and neutrals…

jennineSweet Inspiration

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  1. szaza

    How fantastic! It’s amazing when you meet someone in real life after only knowing them online. I’ve met an artist from one of my Moleskine Exchanges and it was like we had known each other for years!

    Elodie is so cute!

  2. sar,

    wow, just like from a fairy tale – i love the pastels in this cold weather and it sounds like you had a good time :)

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