Winter Wonderland

I can’t help but to sing a little walking in the snow.

No one wants to hear me sing, except a few people who said I should try out for American Idol. But I sing anyway… especially in the snow, which as a native Californian, I don’t see often. It’s amazing how everything has been transformed from a dark grey barren landscape to this magical wonderland. I tell you, it’s as impressive to me as the yellow leaves in the autumn.

Last Friday, I talked about dressing for rain… and with the inspiration coming from the elements it’s hard not to be influenced by such a strong visual cue as snow. Especially in a season where black is ruling all the trend charts picking another color to go monochromatic in, is a strong statement… Susie Bubble did a great job of doing the whole rainbow of monochrome, but I’m just doing white, for the weather.  Still wearing upside down clothes… this time this huge Irish cable knit sweater, which looks frumpy worn the right side up, upside down, totally different. Although, venturing outdoors with this was crazy, getting it all to fit under a jacket, and managing the sleeves, but was the coziest thing ever so it was worth it.

I managed to pick up some tights at the fleamarket (thanks Fenke!)  but I’m still looking for a replacement for the Frankfurt Fleamarket, which I really loved and is closed for some reason. But with this weather, I’m going to need more tights.

Note: I wore this indoors, when I ventured out, I added a layer of lace tights and wore boots, and well of course jacket, scarf, hat… you know. I’m still insane enough to wear a miniskirt in the snow! Note #2: I took the squirrel photo morning, outside my house! Annd the winter wonderland, also near by…

jennineWinter Wonderland