Winter Wonderland

I can’t help but to sing a little walking in the snow.

No one wants to hear me sing, except a few people who said I should try out for American Idol. But I sing anyway… especially in the snow, which as a native Californian, I don’t see often. It’s amazing how everything has been transformed from a dark grey barren landscape to this magical wonderland. I tell you, it’s as impressive to me as the yellow leaves in the autumn.

Last Friday, I talked about dressing for rain… and with the inspiration coming from the elements it’s hard not to be influenced by such a strong visual cue as snow. Especially in a season where black is ruling all the trend charts picking another color to go monochromatic in, is a strong statement… Susie Bubble did a great job of doing the whole rainbow of monochrome, but I’m just doing white, for the weather.  Still wearing upside down clothes… this time this huge Irish cable knit sweater, which looks frumpy worn the right side up, upside down, totally different. Although, venturing outdoors with this was crazy, getting it all to fit under a jacket, and managing the sleeves, but was the coziest thing ever so it was worth it.

I managed to pick up some tights at the fleamarket (thanks Fenke!)  but I’m still looking for a replacement for the Frankfurt Fleamarket, which I really loved and is closed for some reason. But with this weather, I’m going to need more tights.

Note: I wore this indoors, when I ventured out, I added a layer of lace tights and wore boots, and well of course jacket, scarf, hat… you know. I’m still insane enough to wear a miniskirt in the snow! Note #2: I took the squirrel photo morning, outside my house! Annd the winter wonderland, also near by…

jennineWinter Wonderland

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  1. Pratishtha

    Well, while we still struggle with humidity and heat in Mumbai, everyone else seems to have moved on to winters. I love the miniskirt. It’s adorable! When will I get to walk around in snow? When?

  2. Post

    thanks lisa!

    @pratishtha… i grew up in places like san diego and hawaii… the whole idea of weather was just something i saw on tv… which is probably why i’m going nuts!

  3. Amy May

    You look gorgeous! I’m obsessed with white tights, especially when it’s cold. Shame they get so dirty so quickly, though. You were right to switch to boots!

  4. Beka

    Check out those tights! You look like a snow angel, a winterland goddess! :)

    Amazingly put together. Now you just need someone with whom to cuddle and drink hot white chocolate!

  5. Post

    @ashe.. haha pristine and devilish… that’s how i feel most of the time. minus the pristine part. ;)
    @amy… white tights, i know! i’ve been looking for ages!
    @beka, i’ll be making snow angels soon!

  6. Poochie

    Pretty much all I wear during the winter is skirts and tights. I don’t like to wear pants in the rain or snow because the hems get soaked.

    And winter white is one of may favorite things to wear when it’s cold!


  7. violetville

    is that a real (your) photo of the squirrel with the nut?!

    i love the irish fisherman sweater. i wore mine yesterday (total frump – what was i saying about keeping it to a minimum?) – i justified it by wearing the sweater as a “coat”

  8. Cecile

    I am waiting for the first snow! It´s weird for me because for me december is equal to summer.

    This is my first time living in Europe and having winter in November!

    You look like a beautiful snowflake,kisses!

  9. Fenke

    you are welcome – glad i could help. i just could not stand the image of you being all sad ;-( without your favorite thing – vintage shopping ;-)

  10. Post

    @poochie… i hate soggy hems! pants are no good in rain…
    @violetville…oh hell ya! i took that picture this morning! he was so cute stealing seeds from the birds. Ooh, I’ll have to try sweater as a coat again, as i failed the last time.
    @cecile…it’s so cool to experience the snow this time of year, i think mostly because of all the folklore, and imagery… where i grew up, it was like summer, so the whole idea of seasons are so alien!
    @retro…oh yeah, it was slushy just now, but new snow is falling, so it may even out!
    @fenke…awww… well i really enjoy that site you sent, next week i’m going to darmstat’s flea market, it’s closer!
    thanks wendy!

  11. marta

    So delicate!
    I never wear anything white or very light because I think I will get dirty. The whole outfit looks great on you!

  12. Charm

    Crrraaaazzy looking squirrel! I have a giant sweater made from pure wool (so itchy!)that I bought in Aghanistan and I tied it all together with a little belt and some tights. I never would have thought to wear it upside down…

  13. szaza

    Oooh! Fabulous ensemble and photos. That squirrel photo should be turned into an outfit.

    I love the contrast between the bright white and your dark hair.

  14. catherine

    Lovely outfit – very snow-like! What a great idea to turn a frumpy sweater upside down. It would make Little Edie so proud!

    As for the chunky sweater under coat issue – I have yet to find a good solution. I love wearing blazers to work, but none of them fit under my winter coats. I end up wearing my coat and bringing my blazer in a bag. There’s got to be a better solution.

  15. K-Line

    You are gorgeous! I can’t get over how terrific the outfit is. And your environment is so beautiful. I love the creek and the squirrel is delightful. Fantastic post, J.

  16. Nicole

    you are so cute! I would sing too if I was in Germany enjoying their real seasons. San Francisco sucks when it comes to the seasons!! I love your white outfit, its extra special!

  17. Post

    heheh… that squirrel! such a cheeky bugger!

    @cahterine…ooh yeah… the coat issue, carrying it on the side works if you are going to be in the office all day, but yeah, you’re right, we need a better solution! ponchos? heated bubbles?

    @charm…that afgan sweater sounds awesome

  18. Sonja

    What lovely, lovely photos and don’t you look gorgeous all dressed in white! My mom always steered me away from white, because it gets dirty easily. But I still love that look.

  19. Summershoegal

    The squirrel pic is so cute!
    And I love your outfit! All white … pretty daring!!

    I am lookin for white tights since ages! All you can find is this not quite white creamish tights! If you find a source please let me know!!

    xoxo Christine

  20. ambiquitous

    so inspirational! i’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and your outfit choices never cease to amaze me. you have the ability to pull off so many different looks, that sweater is just great. beautiful :)

  21. Dottie

    Gorgeous outfit! You will get to experience lots of winter wonderland in Chicago, although we don’t have those cool European squirrels.

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