Before you buy that one shoulder dress….

Back in 1997, around the time Princess Diana died, one shoulder shirts hit the high street. I was working at a coffee shop back then, and I distinctly remember my co-worker coming in wearing a one shoulder tank. She wore it a few days in a row, and I didn’t want to say anything… but… I think she knew what I was thinking. She leaned over to me and said, “I gotta wear this shirt as much as possible, because it’s going out of style any second.” I laughed… and I never forgot it… and in reality, I’ve subscribed to that logic on many occasions since. One shoulder dresses and shirts, actually never went out of style… heck, I just posted a SS09 collection loaded with one shoulder dresses. And I’ve been seeing them all over the internet. I’ve been thinking, ‘Hey… they just look like a skirt worn diagonal.’ So I tried it. Not bad. Then I remembered that I had this pair of tie dye gaucho pants that were huge, so huge, I’d have to eat a lot of banana muffins to fit in them. I don’t know why I bought them aside from I liked the idea of tie dye. So I tried to see if I could wear it as a dress… and it worked.

So before you run out and buy your one shoulder dress, check to see if you haven’t given your gauchos circa 2005 to charity… I”m sure it will work. Heck, I’m going to go foraging through my closet now to see what else I can make into a one shoulder dress, or blouse… and maybe I’ll wear it until it goes out of style any minute from now.

i bet you can wear gauchos like a one shoulder dress…

or… make a skirt into a ruffle shirt

jennineBefore you buy that one shoulder dress….