Complex Geometry

I hate to sound like Barbie, but I was still in school when Teen Talk Barbie was declaring ‘Math is hard!’ she also said ‘I love shopping’ and asked us, ‘Will we ever have enough clothes?’ Obviously, I’ve been brainwashed by Barb. Math IS hard (for me) I DO love shopping, and I don’t EVER have enough clothes. Although, I’ve yet to bear children, clean house and act out other gender specific playtime roles in my adult life, I must say that when a line like Montreal based Complex Geometries comes around, I have to think maybe all that gender compartmentalization was all just over speculation. This line is covers both men and women, and the last two seasons they’ve created collections that works well on both sides without being androgynous. How does that work? I’m not really sure, perhaps it’s the bold silhouettes and simple colors that break everything down to what really matters. Looking good.

Visit the site for the list of stockists… or you can go directly to their own webshop.



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  1. Mer

    I love the shapes, I have to say though, that for a curvy girl like me, is not exactly the best jeje.

    I had a Barbie Tropical, so she only had a swimsuit! :-D

  2. sarah

    i find math hard too!

    i love the girls hair :) i do love the simple colours with the shapely clothing, it makes it not so much in your face and a lot more wearable.

  3. Post

    oh, i wish i had teen barbie, i’d probably still play her. but by the time she came along, i was too old… my barbies were, malibu, western, solid gold, oh and barbie and hte rockers…

    mer… i’m sure you would look lovely in this collection.

    sarah, i think i’m goign to grow my hair like that too, it’s the only way, becuase i’m so sick of my fringe.

  4. Market Publique

    These clothes are amazing! And you could probably wear it for years and years to come!
    About Teen Barbie, don’t get me started. I love math and have always loved math. And I also love shopping. Why can’t a girl love both?

  5. Summershoegal

    Hi there, I am new to your blog (followed ti since some time on googlereader but never came round to comment) I just love the clothes although I think Mer could be right with the curvy girl comment

  6. Kate

    designs like this intrugue me. i love the whole idea of trying to get rid of gender specific clothing. or somehow trying to link both sexes together when it comes to design…

  7. Post

    @MP… they can! like both! i’ve always been prone to ask why does ones lack of math skills imply stupidity…but i guess you can’t have it all.
    @summershoegal…thanks for stopping by, i hope to hear more from you soon!
    @kate… as much as i love girly clothes, and i love menswear, the unisex thing, well it’s really interesting…esp as the roles between men and women become more ambiguous, and not in a bad way.

  8. Post

    @pret… i also liked the video…
    @mavis… in a way your right, but i think uniqueness is how you style it in the end.
    @joan, wow, great shop!

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  10. bonnie

    I love your blog, and the Barbie line is classic!

    I just wanted you to know that Clayton Evans, the designer for Complex Geometries, is doing a trunk show at the store I work at in Chicago. It’s so much easier to understand the potential of his line when he shows you all of the ways you can wear his pieces.

    The show is Friday, April 24th from 6-9pm. It’s free and anyone can come. Robin Richman, 2108 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL.

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