Shoe Therapy

I love design degree shows… why? Well, for the out-of-the-box, fun projects. Recent graduate, Gwendolyn Huskens at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (NL),  presented a series of six shoes titled ‘medic esthetic’, shoes made of bandages, fiber glass casts, plasters-bandaids and built-in splints. Her intended purpose was to address the social taboos around physical deformities, but I had different thoughts about the collection. At first I thought it may have been a reaction to the teetering heights of shoe trends, perhaps the Prada SS09 show where the shoes were so high, and from the looks of the photos, the models would probably need medical attention.

Either way, if I hurt my feet from 7″ heels, or a less glamourous way, sign me up for these… heck, I may even want to wear them in good health. You know kinda like when we were kids, and we’d wear the cartoon bandages because they were cool.

pic via design boom

jennineShoe Therapy

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  1. pratishtha

    Design project shows always bring out the best in the designers. That is before commercial pressures catch up with them. I LOVE these! Can’t imagine wearing them, though.

  2. Amy May

    I love these – especially the tall strappy ones on the right. WOW.

    P.S. Any chance I could be added to your blogroll? Cheeky, I know, but worth a shot. :)

  3. Post

    ahah the bandaid bootie? i’m wondering why noone thought of it before..

    @amy may… of course!i love your blog, just subscribed.

  4. Airam

    Could shoes be more perfect? I’ve been looking for some really innovtive and creative shoes for a long time, and these fit every demand. The colour scheme is also gorgeous, it reminds me of ice cream. Yum.

  5. Post
  6. maxd

    That looks great! Love it! But I just a bit doubt that it really could help as a bandage and if it’s worth to wear. Here I’ve read about Foot deformities and it seems like heels are really dangerous… though I agree that if it looks chic than who cares :)

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