Halloween in My Closet: Part 7: Retro Flight Attendant

Well, today’s the big day! Happy Halloween! It was close, Beetlejuice almost won with 4 requests by Violetville, Cecile, Noël, Lisa Kiddo, and Amber. But in the end, Retro Flight attendant won out with 5 (Heather, Lisa Kiddo, Aidan, Sonja, and Samantha). As far as the other requests are concerned, if you wanted to be one of them, and you need help, I’ll do my best to answer them in the comments section.

Today is Part 7 in my Halloween series, of costumes found in my closet. So far, I’ve been a sailor, a can-can girl, a circus ringleader, and a 60′s housewife , Natasha Fatale, Cat Woman and today Retro Flight Attendant… all pf these costume made mostly of the the clothes I already own.

The Golden Age of Flight

Wow, the days before terrorism, when flying was more expensive than driving, optimism… I don’t know about you, but then you talk about the early days of commercial flight, you think about the flight attendants… their outrageous uniforms… as opposed to today, when I think about flying I think about how to get away with storing liquids in my luggage. ;)

There are a lot of sites out there like Uniform Freak who has just about every airline known to man. And Dark Roasted Blend posted some of the best flight attendant photos on the internet.

Here are the essentials for this costume: Basically, a hat, gloves, a neck scarf, a go-go dress, or shift dress, any uniform looking dress, vest, etc, knee high boots. You don’t to be exact… I took a lot of creative liberties with this one, like I’ll be doing something about this slip, it kept peeping out! Sorry!

The Result

Additional Flight Attendant tips….

Point a lot. Flight attendants tend to point a lot, they point at the exits, they point at the aisle, they point at the bathrooms. They point at your trays while they are telling you to put them up.

Smile. Fake smiles are even better.

Hair & Makeup… Same with all my 60′s inspired costumes, I just went heavy on the liquid eyeliner, and used blue eyeshadow … and red lips. And of course I did the beehive.. dude, twice in one week. Maybe I’ll be the next Amy Winehouse, only without the crack addiction.

Have fun… just be sure not to eat candy from strangers.

So that’s it! Thank you so much for participating… I hope at the least you were entertained with this series, and at the most the series was able to inspire you to do something fun and festive tonight!

Halloween in My Closet:

Click on the costume for how-to instructions…

  1. Sailor DONE!!!
  2. Can-Can Girl DONE! (second by Kate and UND)
  3. Circus Ringleader (second by Nikki) DONE!
  4. 60’s Housewife (second by Aidan and Voletville ) DONE!!!
  5. Natasha from Bullwinkle & Friends (second by Anna, and Cammila) DONE!
  6. Cat Lady (suggested by shopfair , Casey , K-line) DONE!
  7. A retro flight attendant (suggested by Heather, second by Lissa Kiddo )
  8. Beetle Juice (second by Violetville, Cecile, Noël, lisa kiddo)
  9. The See’s Candies Girl (only makes sense in California… but Jeanne would like to see it!)
  10. Evil Babydoll (second by Mette)
  11. An East German DDR protester (may be offensive… but Tres Plus Cool would like to see it)
  12. A superhero (Margot would like to see this)
  13. Dawn Davenport (suggested by Imelda Matt)
  14. Barbara Feldon as “Agent 99″ (suggested by Cecille)
  15. ????
jennineHalloween in My Closet: Part 7: Retro Flight Attendant