Age of Innocence

We’re in the heart of the new femme-nism era, it’s ok to be unapologetically girly, without being criticized for succumbing to pretty things and girlish distractions. Well, some may criticize, and those people are somewhere playing video games right now. Through Lookbook.nu I’ve found this lovely 21 year old Swedish designer Lamilla who puts all the femme embellishments in her collection… lace, ruffles, cut-out details. All in classic colors, to be worn in sophistication and beauty.


jennineAge of Innocence

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    Lovely! This reminds me bit of the response to Lolita-ism on Jezebel recently. There’s no shame in a woman (or man) wanting to embrace all that’s femme, delicate, and beautiful!

  2. Post

    ashe… oh yes, me too… i had the article open as i was writing this, but couldn’t quite make it happen. it was a good article…made me think ‘heck yah!’ when the lolita stood up. really we should embrace our delicate natures.

    loulu, i was thinking of your bows whilst writing this!

    thanks annie!

  3. Rachel

    this is fantastic!

    i was actually having a conversation the other night about girly elements in relation to feminism – how, so often, feminists are generically thought of as men hating, no body hair shaving, no make-up wearing, anti-fashion people. and while that may hold true for some, i personally believe that celebrating these feminine aspects that are more socially acceptable to the female gender can also make one a true feminist. a celebration of beauty, if you will.

  4. Post

    hah! rachel… i think about that quite a bit… i mean, what better way to be a feminist than to celebrate all the things that make you femme?

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