Interview with the Style Clicker

Street fashion photography has been around for ages… long before blogs came along, it existed in print, in the east magazines dedicated to street fashion and here in the west in music magazines club photos… blogging of course has got to be one of the most natural mediums for this type of photography and it’s been taking off these past …

jennineInterview with the Style Clicker

The Coveted Wears Something Today

Holy moly… The Coveted is in a book… what I wore today: Fashion Remixed Online from Bejing to Berlin, about the phenomenon of documenting personal style and sharing it online. I must admit, I’m a little surprised… they did ask me for permission a few months ago via wardrobe_remix, but when initial discussions about the old title.. WIWT: Fashion Narcissism …

jennineThe Coveted Wears Something Today