Pincurl Pinups

Growing out my bangs is proving to be a pain the the arse. When I first got them last year, I felt sexy and they were certainly functional, covering some unsightly wrinkle between my eyes. But the bangs, they are a lot of work. Figuring out what to do with my coif has been a bit of a challenge, but …

jenninePincurl Pinups

C U Next Tea..

Ahem, I used the ‘C U Next Tuesday’ to relay the word so bad, I can’t even say it. We wouldn’t need to have clever code words if we were having tea with Trixie Delicious china. Spotted on the lovely Modish blog, these plates coined as ‘vandalized vintage’ have subversive messages of female cattiness, trollop, bitch, whore, ugly, tart… you …

jennineC U Next Tea..