How to Ditch Shampoo (and look even better)

Last month I ditched shampoo. Yes, this is true. Perhaps all the talk about plastic bottles, carcinogenic chemicals in beauty products, the fact most detergents are not biodegradable got to me. The cost of ‘good shampoos’ is astronomical in some instances.. and are they really better for my hair? After cutting my hair back in March, I’ve decided to grow …

jennineHow to Ditch Shampoo (and look even better)


Stateside, we call them pretzels… But in Germany, they are yummy crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle bretzels. I love both the way they look and the way they taste, maybe as much as I love a good French baguette. Hmm… thank god, carbophobia is so 2005. Here I am folded up on the stairs trying to fit …