Miss Matched : Tartan & Pinstripes

With vintage movies on the mind, it’s hard not be inspired by old Hollywood chic. The image of Katherine Hepburn, a woman whose name is synonymous with the Golden Age of Hollywood, has been lingering in my mind for some time. I’ve always admired how she could be so active and stylish, I just want to integrate this into my every day life.

This weekend we took a small day trip along the Rhine, and visited small villages and drove along curvy roads just for the heck of it. I couldn’t bear the idea of dressing in a t-shirt and jeans, so I opted for relaxed trousers (tartan of course) with my summer standby– a denim pinstripe blazer.. which I seem to be living in these days. All in all, I seem to be quite comfortable in this look, perhaps I’ll take the cue form Liebemarlene to find more inspiration from the 1940′s.

The Outfit:

Blazer: Secondhand
Trousers: Secondhand
Blouse: Millau
Sunglasses: Vintage
Shoes: Secondhand Ferragamo
Clutch: Vintage Etienne Aigner

trartan stripesstripes bowtartan stripestartan stripes

jennineMiss Matched : Tartan & Pinstripes