She’s got Sailor Moon Eyes

anime contact lenses

Big, sparkly eyes are hard to resist, for anyone. Trying saying no to a puppy dog, or saying Sailor Moon is ugly and stupid. It’s hard… but nowadays, if you want irresistibly adorable, you don’t have to win the genetic lottery, you can just buy your own big ‘anime’ eyes. (thanks BoingBoing for letting us know)

While I’m not exactly sure how the big, glossy eyes of anime became the standard, it’s characteristic rendering has become a global obsession (just take a look at how big the anime section of Borders has gotten lately). Now it’s possible to not just dress up like a character in Harajuku, but you can even wear contact lenses giving you the anime look. The lenses are tinted to extend the outer ring of your iris… giving it the appearance that it’s double it’s natural size, the centers are clear, so if your eyes are anything other than black, you might have a problem.

Other reasons to covet big eyes…

I may be too old and too far west to fall into the Harajuku trap. I may shudder at the thought of putting anything in my own eyes… but the big eyes… they seem to have got me, not so much for the cartoon look, but I’m thinking Bette Davis, and who doesn’t want Bette Davis eyes?

jennineShe’s got Sailor Moon Eyes

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  1. ruby

    Oh my gosh. Leave it to Boing Boing to find the wildest of the web. Checking out the site I feel strangely attracted to these contacts. I have never worn them before but I want my eyes to look like the cute cartoons. Power of subversive blog/marketing? Am I going crazy?? Woweee!

  2. oluchi

    I’ve always had big eyes and I’ve always hated them. I can’t imagine anyone wanting huge eyes. Have u ever seen someone get mad that has huge eyes? it looks like their eyes are bulging out of their head.

  3. Poochie

    I saw this today too and was intrigued. I’m also intrigued by colored contacts. Not that I’ll ever get them because I don’t think I would do well sticking them in my eyes either.

    At least we’re not doing belladonna drops to make our eyes look more desireably bigger. http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/bell001.htm


  4. Post

    @wendy… i bet even mommy dearest was envious!
    @ouluchi- big mad eyes… hehe, i bet that’s scary!
    @ poochie- yeah, i’d be wary of colored contacts too… but yeah, the belladonna drops just dilate your eyes, so then you just look like you’re on drugs..

  5. Kasey

    This is straight up scary ahahaahha “Fighting evil by moonlight.Winning love by daylight
    Never running from a real fight
    She is the one named Sailor Moon
    She will…never turn her back on a friendShe is… always there to defend She is…the one on whom we can dependShe is the one named Sailor…..”


  6. s.

    funny. my students LOVE to draw those big huge eyes. i have to admit, there is something kind of attractive about them. personally i am a fan of really long eye lashes. i love it when i can get mine to look really really long :)

  7. bijoux

    i’ve always hated those big circle lense contacts.
    all the asian teeny boppers wear them and i think they look really silly.
    i think everyone looks beautiful with the eyes they were blessed with :)

  8. susie_bubble

    I’m a little freaked out by these in a similar way to coloured contacts….I don’t really like my teensy eyes either but I thinks these would make me look even more ridiculous!

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