New in The Shoppe: Fringe Boots, Lace Blouse & Biker Jacket

laredo fringe cowboy boots

Wow, time is flying by so quickly…I didn’t eve realize it’ been a few weeks since I put anything new in the shop… but I’ve been finding great little pieces here and there, much were too heavy to even think about in summer heat. But now as it gets closer to the fall, we can start thinking about things like boots and cashmere.

I was lucky enough to find a Hugo Boss cashmere sportcoat. The texture of the blazer is so lovely, it was impossible to pass up even if it’s squarely a menswear piece. Luckily when I got home it was fun to play with, since belts and slouchy blazers are going hand in hand this season. As for the Laredo fringe cowboy boots? You better believe I wish I was a US size 10… because these are awesome.

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hugo boss cashmereslouchy blazeracid wash biker jacketnative american print

jennineNew in The Shoppe: Fringe Boots, Lace Blouse & Biker Jacket

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  1. s.

    oh i love fringe! but i have never ever ever in my entire life worn it! can you believe that?! i think it would be a lot of fun though. and on boots too! i bet it is just too cool. i love your site. this is my first time visiting it and i will definitely be back :)

  2. susie_bubble

    I’m going to your shop now and if that jacket isn’t there I might come back and weep a little here…. or not because that would indeed be blog pollution…

  3. Post

    aw thanks for the lovely comments! i know the boots… they are like the reverse cinderella… i would love to find a pairs in more sizes…

  4. Elda Williams

    Wow! Jennine these boots are cool. It looks awesome on you. The fringe boots are cute and comfortable to ware and I do have a pair of these lovely cowboy boots in brown colour. But these in black boots look awesome and the biker jacket is really a good match on that pair of fringe boots.

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