It’s Melting

I don’t know about you, but around August, I start itching for Autumn. Perhaps since yesterday, the primary school across the street started the new ‘school year’ I’m partially envious that they get to a. read big, pretty picture books b. play outside for recess and c. wear their ‘back to school’ clothes. But quite honestly, I can’t justify Autumn in 28°C weather (that’s 82°F for you folks back home) even if I am from Southern California. But that doesn’t stop the itch… so much to be said, August is the month when I start ‘researching’ my inspiration for fall.

Dutch design duo Klavers van Engelen sparks the imagination as much as it dazzles the eye. They’ve combined elegance with dots of humor, dripping sunglasses, the perfect cliche for ‘so hot it’s melting’ days and the transparent trousers… as if it’s a response trousers that look like tights (leggings), they created the tights that look like trousers.

jennineIt’s Melting