Into the Light : Rhyme & Reason

Many moons ago, I was the “Glinda, the Good Witch of the North” for Halloween. The costume consisted of a tiara, wand, a blonde wig and a puffy pink prom dress with silk flowers I had wired with LED lights. It was by far one of the most creative costumes I’ve come up with. In a way, I miss that dress. Aside from the clumsy wiring I did with a soldering iron and the chunky battery pack hidden in the giant bow, it amazes me that LEDs aren’t used more often in clothing.

Rhyme and Reason, a knitwear collection designed by Mary Huang plays with the notions of light as a material. Soft and feminine, these pieces have an ethereal quality about them, much different from the ultra-futuristic Hussien Chalayan video dresses which use a similar concept of wearable light. In the Rhyme and Reason pieces, the wearer is transformed by the illumination of white hand-crocheted lace flowers. I could easily see these at work at an evening wedding held at dusk… that way, it would be impossible to be overshadowed by any of the wedding guests.
rhyme & reason led scarfrhyme & reason led dressrhyme & reason led scarf

jennineInto the Light : Rhyme & Reason