This weekend we’ve arrived in Munich… and it’s beautiful, the sun is shining and everything is just lovely. We checked out the Englischer Gardens, and a bunch of other really huge buildings, and saw a bunch of lions. Hehe, I’m the perfect tourist right? Don’t worry, I have more detailed plans. On day one, we were doing a lot of …


Vintage Vintage

Over recent years the vintage market has dramatically changed due to e-commerce. It’s great, I truly love the new twists of vintage fashion and how it’s integrated in contemporary wardrobes. However, there are many wonderful old-school vintage sellers neglecting the shift and sticking to their ‘tried and true’ ways. Not so for Violetville Vintage, they’ve been in the vintage business …

jennineVintage Vintage

Brown Baggin’ It

SwanDiamondRose is one of those designers I noticed very early on in my blogging venture. Maybe two months in, I posted about her dresses, and she kindly replied ‘thank you’. I know it’s really a small thing, but to me it was huge, it was just enough encourage a small blogger posting endlessly into the abyss… And luckily, we keep …

jennineBrown Baggin’ It

Links à la Mode Weekly Roundup

Here’s the Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly roundup, we’ve got some excellent links here, Chanel DIY, statement tights, vintage Vogue, classic film inspiration, and the borders between designer and knock-off…

jennineLinks à la Mode Weekly Roundup

Proper Tea Gloves

I have never grown out of tea parties. They are so lovely, with my favorite things, tea, cookies, sandwiches, great conversations… Having a nice afternoon tea is not only luxurious, but I find that they tend to be more real than doing the bar thing, which I’ve never really been good at. I found these beautiful lot of vintage tea …

jennineProper Tea Gloves

Women Who Sing to Us : Three Groundbreaking Sirens

“Every genre of music has an extraordinarily great musician.” I say this when I tell people that I like all kinds of music, yes, even country. I particularly love country music from the 50′s and 60′s where the lines between country and rock ‘n’ roll are blurred in popular music of the time. The haunting voices singing stories of heartbreak …

jennineWomen Who Sing to Us : Three Groundbreaking Sirens

New in The Shoppe: Getting Ready for Fall

Autumn is my favorite of the seasons… growing up in a climate with no real seasons, I’ll tell you the reason I moved away from paradise is merely to wear winter accessories. I just love the season’s colors… after all, according to Color Me Beautiful, I am an Autumn. All summer, I’ve been collecting pieces that could be worn in …

jennineNew in The Shoppe: Getting Ready for Fall