Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Pad)

fringe hatThe last few days of my life, I’ve devoted to hats. It all started from my shoppe, which I kept finding pieces with these shoulder pads. The scale-like form of shoulder pads are beautiful, but I didn’t know what to do with them… so they just lived in a plastic bag. I’m not a milliner, nor do I know how to sew.. but I saw a few images, which I’ll share with you tomorrow (they look nothing like my hats) that moved some kind of eureka moment inside of me.

There are a few things I’m really loving this year, hats, fringes, and the eternal quest for a cool wig. Somehow, after making several sketches, I’ve been able to combine all three. Using the shoulder pads and an elastic cord (so hold the hat in place) I’ve created four hats. The red hat can be worn on the side, or as a wig in a sense, you can pull the fringe really low, almost to your lips and still see. Kind of like the Henrik Vibsikov and Reality Studio. The black hat with fringe is a modern take on the cocktail hat with veil. The final two, with the 80′s patterns are recycled from my shoppe, each are experiments with the form and wearability.

the coveted fringe hatthe coveted hatthe coveted hatthe coveted hat

The bow ring is from 4 Me, Paris.

jenninePut Your Head on My Shoulder (Pad)