Green Wishing


The more I learn about the chemicals in conventional cosmetics, the less I want to use them. No problem – I can just “go green,” right? I wish it were that easy.

Greenwashing is rampant in the beauty industry. TerraChoice, an environmental marketing firm, defines greenwashing as “the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.”

A few weeks ago I wrote about the virtual lack of regulation in the beauty industry. The federal standards for “organic” or “natural” personal care products products aren’t much better.

Progress before perfection

With all this green noise, it’s easy to get frustrated and cynical. My hope is that we’re headed in the right direction and that it will become easier for us to make positive, informed choices.

Green products from across the pond
UK-based skincare line Sophyto seems like the real deal to me — I’m dying to try it. The products, formulated with help from green chemists, average 95% organic ingredients and are designed to bring easily absorbable antioxidants, enzymes and minerals to the skin. And they do all this without essential oils or essential oil components, which can be incredibly sensitizing. Check out Sophyto on Saffron Rouge.

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