Return of The Bicycle Short?

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In the time I’ve been paying attention to fashion, I’ve noticed one thing, one must not ignore Prada. Last year people were going on about how ugly fringe handbags were, and it’s taken a while to warm up, and this summer, fringe handbags are in a word, covetable. When I came across, Prada’s Resort 09 collection, the first thing (aside from Summer Black) I thought, was, wow, bicycle shorts. As some of you may know, I love my bicycle very much, but I’ve yet to get the gear. It somehow reminds me of my junior high school days, where we’d wear spandex shorts under denim short overalls. We also had big hair.

american apparel shortsThese days, I’m not sure if I could possibly get away with wearing bicycle shorts alone, but, as I’m getting older, the idea of wearing short-shorts is becoming less and less appealing, even with all the ways to make your legs look great, short-shorts are a personal phobia. Luckily, Prada didn’t invent the bicycle short, so if you’re already into the idea, you can get them at American Apparel, for $20.

And if maybe, you’re not so keen (and maybe you’re not) just take notice, sit back and see how things unfold. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them around. I think the best way I’ve seen these shorts done is by Madonna in her Holiday video, they aren’t really shorts, but they’re not pants either…


jennineReturn of The Bicycle Short?

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  1. the_kitten

    Bicycle shorts were THE basic item of my wardrobe when I was 5-8! That was in the 80ies and back then I showed impeccable sense of style already. Man, I’m good!

  2. July Stars

    I have to agree with you, I’m certain that cyclist shorts Madonna style are about to make a huge comeback, just like leggings did a few years ago and the whole fringed pocahontas hippie thing. But, you won’t be catching me in them! I just don’t think that they’re flattering unless you are as skinny as a malnourished top model on the verge of collapse … Pffff … Not for me, thank you.

  3. Ashe Mischief

    I’ve actually been looking for a pair, for practicality purposes. In the summer it’s too hot for tights (or I just want a bare legged look), but it’s too risky to not wear something underneath (erm, over my knickers anyhow). They’re great for preventing sweat friction, and making sure you don’t sure anything when your skirt rides up while bike riding.

  4. Liebling

    I haven’t worked a pair of bicycle shorts since I was 12, went to a NKOTB concert and lost my “cool pants” that I had poured straight bleach on but which completely fell apart on me…the bad memory is just too much for me to look back!

  5. AngieMontreal

    I think that video was pretty much the perfect way to start my morning!!
    I think you’re right RE the shorts as well. I think we may be seeing them layered under sheer dresses/skirts too.

  6. Post

    Ohh… Ashe, you’ve just given me a reason to want a pair. I have this dress I’ve been living in all summer, and I’ve been wearing an AA mini, which is bareley anything, but it’s something. The shorts might be a good option.

    I’m glad you ladies also liked the Madonna thing, she is so cool in that vid.

  7. Post

    @liebling… haha i went to an NKOTB concert when i was 13… hahaha… and also poured straight bleach on my jeans. yikes!

  8. Ashe Mischief

    I tell you, I kept wishing for a pair when I wore my trapeze dress (as a dress) yesterday! The wind kept blowing it up and between my legs; even though it normally comes below my fingertips, I couldn’t keep it below my girlie bits! Bike shorts would be the perfect solution to that problem.

  9. evianchannel

    I can definitely see this look becoming huge, like the fringe and leggings. There are some great jackets similiar to the ones shown on shopgoldyn.com that shorts would look good under. They have a great selection of outerwear and longer sweaters that would make this a cool look.

  10. Grace

    Can we just call them short leggings and not bicycle shorts? I don’t think I could ever get behind bicycle-shorts-as-fashion-statement, even if one of my favorite designers featured them on her runway.

  11. Kezia

    I’m with Grace– it’s the name “bicycle shorts” that’s unappealing. How about “ultra capris” or something like that? I’d wear them under a flippy dress or skirt, but I’m not a shorts person. at. all. In my opinion, short shorts don’t belong on anyone except teenagers.

  12. GlamaRuth

    Ashe is right! I have a vintage slip that is split into shorts/bloomers, but the AA “short leggings”, being cotton and stretchy, are actually more comfortable under short flippy or floaty skirts and dresses – in which I ride my bike! Too thin a fabric to wear on their own though to anywear but the gym.

  13. Lady Smaggle

    See this is my issue. I just don’t like the look of tights as pants. If you’re a 6 foot 4 model then god speed. If, like me, you are built like a dushund puppy (all body no leg) avoidance is the only thing for it.

  14. MizzJ

    lol Lady Smaggle you hit it right on the button! If you are a twiggy 6 foot gorgeous freak of nature, aka a runway model, then you can look great in anything including burlap. What is up with all the trends recently that just look like crap on most people?! Yes, I speak of leggings, and I will defend forever my opinion that they are not pants and that most people look fat in them. Sorry.

  15. lavon

    Take it from me 5 foot 9 inches tall and full figured. Bike shorts with the right top can look good on anyone. including if you are built like a dushund puppy!

    I also agree that leggins are footless pantyhose but you can’t just put on pantyhose and a shirt and away to work you go.

    Just like anything else put a little effort into the look and you can and will look good.

  16. jolie

    i just bought a pair of shorts at Target tonight for $7!!! shoot, for $7, im willing to take stab at this trend :)

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