Return of The Bicycle Short?

prada resortprada resortprada resort
In the time I’ve been paying attention to fashion, I’ve noticed one thing, one must not ignore Prada. Last year people were going on about how ugly fringe handbags were, and it’s taken a while to warm up, and this summer, fringe handbags are in a word, covetable. When I came across, Prada’s Resort 09 collection, the first thing (aside from Summer Black) I thought, was, wow, bicycle shorts. As some of you may know, I love my bicycle very much, but I’ve yet to get the gear. It somehow reminds me of my junior high school days, where we’d wear spandex shorts under denim short overalls. We also had big hair.

american apparel shortsThese days, I’m not sure if I could possibly get away with wearing bicycle shorts alone, but, as I’m getting older, the idea of wearing short-shorts is becoming less and less appealing, even with all the ways to make your legs look great, short-shorts are a personal phobia. Luckily, Prada didn’t invent the bicycle short, so if you’re already into the idea, you can get them at American Apparel, for $20.

And if maybe, you’re not so keen (and maybe you’re not) just take notice, sit back and see how things unfold. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them around. I think the best way I’ve seen these shorts done is by Madonna in her Holiday video, they aren’t really shorts, but they’re not pants either…


jennineReturn of The Bicycle Short?