DIY: The Fringy Tank


Adding a little fringe to my wardrobe was a lot easier than I thought.

I’ve been seeing it everywhere. The fringe. After seeing lovely projects by Kingdom of Style and Style Bubble’s fringe tights, I was incredibly inspired. After my… ‘ooh, you should do this, and you should do that’ with fringe I thought I might give it a go myself. To tell the truth, I’m not well versed in home economics. I don’t have a sewing machine and all my crochet projects end up looking like amoebas. However, I was pleasantly surprised how adding a little fringe to my wardrobe was a lot easier than anticipated.

Step 1: The Materials

I don’t have a sewing machine. Heck, I didn’t even have a needle and thread. I did have a rather mom-ish black tank picked up from the 1EUR bin at the flea market.
1. 1 Meter (Yard) of Chainette Fringe

2. Thread

3. Sewing Needle (And some pins… I didn’t have them, but so I just used the other needles in the pack)

4. A garment for embellishing

Step 2: The First Row

Here I just cut the fringe to line half the collar of the tank. I then pinned the fringe. Using the backstitch technique, I sewed the fringe along the collar, making sure to reinforce both the begining and the end with an extra stitch.

Step 3: The Second Row

The first row is a lot easier because I used the collar as a guide. Where I placed the second row was a bit trickier. I used the measurement of about two fingers width distance, and pinned the second row. For the second row, I was a bit more careful about pinning, and watching where I was going.

The Finished Fringe

You can add as many rows as you like, but I decided with this particular tank, to stop at three. Now I have a fringy tank that’s both stylish and subtle.

Now, that this all took less than an  hour, I’m just thinking of what else I can add fringes too….



jennineDIY: The Fringy Tank

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  1. AngieMontreal

    I’ve been going crazy with fringe too, just bought a whole load at the fabric store and am going to get started today. Your top looks so great, maybe it will kick me off the computer and get started!

  2. Kate

    Looks fantastic, your DIY job has inspired me to de-lurk. Tempted to try it myself – I’m a non-sewer too but looks like I could manage this.

  3. punky

    You are my hero…I have been thinking about how i can add fringe to some handbags. This might be the answer.

  4. Post

    angel! oh dear, i don’t know, it’s not as good as your diy projects, but you are my inspiration! i do miss you too!

    punky~ you know you are going to post those bags when you attach the fringe

    kate~ i think with your skills, this will be super easy

    angie~ i need to get off the computer too… analog stuff is fun!

    heather~ good luck!!

  5. Noël

    Hello, I think your blog is wonderful!
    Anyway, I love love how this project turned out. So lovely! This definitely has prompted me to try it out myself. Thanks.

  6. bobble bee

    i told you on facebook already but let me tell you again: you look ADORABLE!!
    I enjoyed—>> (And some pins… I didn’t have them, but so I just used the other needles in the pack) … ^_^

  7. Post

    dude, it is WAY easier than expected, mostly because of the top bit that holds the fringe together, it’s easy to follow a line. and if you mess up (which i do a lot) it’s not blaringly obvious.

    sewing machine… i picked one up today, it just needs a small repair.

    noel, welcome! hope you stop by soon!

    bobble! i heart you!

  8. Post
  9. AngieMontreal

    That’s so exciting that you got a sewing machine, you’re gonna have soooo much fun!

    So I did eventually get off the computer, and I did do my own fringe project, yay! I made some necklaces and I’m going to post them tomorrow, so thanks for the kick in the butt!

  10. Style Spy

    LOVE! That is adorable, and I’m putting it at the top of my Sewing Projects That I’m Dying to Do But May Never Actually Have Time For List.

  11. Market Publique

    I did one like this a while ago, with fringe trim from a vintage scarf (the rest of the scarf was poly, so I promise it was fine), and a tank from H&M that had a low back. I will take photos and post on my blog…

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  14. Katie

    I love the top and the skirt! Where did you get the fabric for the skirt? I’m pretty much obsessed with that print now; it’s so cute!

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