I miss my red tube top

I left my red tube top in San Francisco. I used to wear it with this purple wrap dress as some sort of bra. It was shiny, lightweight and well, it worked.

Like nearly all women I have met, I have issues around my… boobs. It doesn’t seem to matter… women with small breasts say they wish theirs were bigger, women with big ones are always trying to minimize them. For me, I developed rather young, and have always had issues around my body. Always trying to conceal my womanhood by slouching and wearing baggy clothes. But after years of life experience, I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin.

Now that summer is here, or on it’s way… all the hot weather clothes come out… this often times means revealing skin. I’ve always wanted to wear halter tops and backless dresses but could never do it. The idea of walking outside with no bra is petrifying. I don’t want people to look at me, er, I don’t’ want people to look at my chest.

Ironically, the only actual job in fashion I ever had was a retail job at selling bras. I have heard almost every concern when it comes to bras. I have to say having the proper support is the the foundation any outfit, whether it be mentally or physically. Finding good bras can be a hassle, as Victoria’s Secret has never worked for me, and I absolutely refuse to wear ugly bras. I have to say that nowadays they’ve made great improvements on strapless bras, ones that are more comfortable and don’t look so bra-like.

Here are three bras each for the different levels of support:

1. Light Support… American Apparel Cotton Spandex Ruched Front Tube Bra, $11. You don’t know how lucky you are, this bra comes in every color, and a whole slew of metallics… to go with any outfit you can conjure up.

2. Medium Support… Fredrick’s of Hollywood Bandeau Bra, $18. This is a lightweight nylon/spandex bra with padded cups to give a nice shape. I’ve never been into padding, but with this kind of bra can be rather minimizing so if you don’t want that, padding is definitely available.

3. Full Support… Body Wrap Bandeau Bra, £32 This bra has built in wires for added support. It also got great reviews for women who tend to have problems with strapless bras:

“Although the material for this bra is like wearing a pair of tights around your chest, it makes me feel confident and gives good shape, I’m a 36F so I chose the XL size and it is the perfect size!! …”

jennineI miss my red tube top