Cabin Fever

These are the days, I stay home. Dressing sans-occasion, with a bit of sloth, I usually end up with a cozy scarf mixed with a frilly skirt and knee high socks.

The 3 sister design team, Beckermans have just solved my style dilemma with the Cabin Fever AW08 collection. Like Ava Gabor in Green Acres, dress up anyway. Be playful, get AbFab Patsy hair and oh yeah… don’t forget the plaid.

jennineCabin Fever

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  1. Poochie

    I love the bottom left jersey dress with the tights. Maybe add some knit socks on top too. To maximize the coziness!


  2. niki

    this is perfect! i’m in live with my plaid flannel but have been wondering about other things to do with it. i looove that mixed plaid dress at the top!

  3. Sabrina

    Is that some sort of stuffed bear in the 3rd photo in the top row?

    I can see myself wearing the jacket in photo 1 and the dress in photo 2 together for pattern clashing fun :)

  4. Post

    @robin… oh yeah, i’ve been trying that with my hair for years… still nothin…

    @fenke… tell me about it! it’s freezing here too!

    @sabrina…oh yeah, that is indeed a stuffed bear.. i think it’s rather cute!

  5. Persy

    i am in love with the boots in the bottom center photo…does anyone know what they are or where to find them??

  6. anne

    I am really enjoying the bear hiding in the forest!! haha it really adds a bit more novelty to the collection photos!

  7. meli

    wat great hair.
    love the mixture of textures, looks odd and fantastic.
    that middle bottom red skirt is talking, wait, yelling at me.

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