This little girl is a natural in 5-inch heels…

Kids never cease to amaze me. I know, when kids are related to you, they seem to be smarter… today I was amazed by my little niece. A year ago I shared with you how I learned how to walk in high heels, as a girl, you couldn’t turn your back without me digging through the lady of the houses closet looking for high heels… but I really had to make a sincere effort to walk in them gracefully.

Today, my niece Maddy went digging through my luggage and found my patent booties with a 5 inch heel. I was delighted she picked them out of the whole pile and even more amazed when I saw the way she was walking in them.

When did you first start to get fascinated with high heeled shoes?

jennineThis little girl is a natural in 5-inch heels…

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  1. Stina

    when I was fifteen. I bought the shoes, took ‘em out and wore them, then had to run down a flight of stairs in them. I pretty much got over all the hurdles in one go.

    All because I was late for a piano concert.

  2. Mer

    hahaha! so cute…!

    my mom had a pair of red heels when I was like 4,made by stuff and wood, they were really 70´s when I remember…I loved them, because my mom uses a 34 and I almost fitted in them! oh, that was fun!!!

  3. missmilki

    My mum never let me near her shoes when I was little! I love the way your niece runs over for the bag…can’t be on video without the whole outfit! Gorgeous! :)

  4. Post
  5. Jeanne


    I was always playing dress-up, and since both my mom and my grandma had smaller feet when they were younger, their discarded shoes were therefore mine. I had a pair of my grandma’s that were black leather and cork sandals (and they were AMAZING) that I loved. I still love cork sandals.

    I also had my mom’s wedding shoes, which I guess became too small for her after having kids!

  6. Hailey

    wow, she walks better in heels than I do! I’ve loved heels since I was 7 in the 80s, my moms snakeskin pumps (she wore them for her 2nd wedding)!! I wore those around all the time.

  7. Leonor

    Notice the hip sway also!…. She must know a person or two in the fashion industry!….:)Family ties hah? Fabulously Adorable!

    She’s not gonna go easter egg hunting in those hills… is she? Heeh…Heeh…Heeh…

  8. iris

    hey. i have never posted a comment here before, although i really love your blog. but this is a question which took me some time to answer. my mother never wears heels, so my first fascination for heels came in a shoe shop when i was 12. now i’m 15 and love heels. i don’t have any difficulties in walking in them or so. i just don’t use my pair of heels regularly as i live in portugal and without the heels i’m already taller then most of the people i meet there. but i’m gonna move to cologne in a while. german people are bigger so…

    congratulations to your own soon to be move to frankfurt by the way. and your niece really seems a natural pro.

  9. Christina

    I know I had quite a few pairs for dress up that my neighbor had given me (once I grew out of those plastic heels they make for dress-up). And I would always beg my mom to buy me “church shoes” with heels instead of flat ones. I don’t think I bought another flat shoe until I moved to San Francisco and had to deal with these hills! But I learned to walk well in them pretty early since I was a dancer and had to dance in character shoes a lot.

  10. kpriss

    I guess it all started out with my mother’s wedding sandals (just loved them! white and strappy). There were just one problem to it all – she didn’t knew where the ankle straps were, so my hiding around catwalking my mum’s risky wedding sandals were not so extended. Then I discovered high heels (with pleasure, because I’m tall enough so I didn’t enjoyed being even taller than the average when teenager) pretty much 3 years ago and remained completely hooked up with the high heels.

  11. Stevie

    she is such a pro!
    and she has a cute little shimmy too!
    because i’m rather tall i only started wearing them when i was about 15, which actually thinking about it is a pretty normal age.

    but i love heels so much now; and love the kick (no pun intended) i get out of wearing them even if it does make me look like a skyscraper.

    just read through that old post you mentioned; all the comments are so lovely and what you wrote really made me beam (“tall is sooo cool, i love it when tall women wear heels… it says confidence like nothing else!”) because it’s something i can relate to.


  12. Post

    hi iris! welcome! i’m glad you commented… 12 is a good age, because that’s when you start to fit into your mums shoes…

    @stevie, oh yes, she does have a shimmy! and i’m glad you love heels tall women should wear heels, its so exotic!

  13. Kool Thing

    Such a sweet video! I first wore my mother’s heels where I was about four or five but didn’t begin wearing them properly and on a regular basis until I was about 18. I didn’t have any reason to get dressed up and wear heels until then, so I started giving myself reasons to. Now, I don’t need any reason at all!!

  14. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

    oh my goodness!!!
    she’s too good at walking in those heels!
    hm…i dont know where the heels fascination came from. ive always admired louboutins as long as i could remember.
    my mother’s closet bored me, i would sneak into my dad’s closet but i knew better than to play dress up with his clothes.

  15. lady butta.fly

    ha! that’s so awesome. my 4 year old daughter does the same thing!

    i remember walking around in my mom’s heels when i was little, but at some point i detested them and would not wear them when i got older. i’m just starting to embrace them at 33 (and learning how to walk in them thanks to you).

  16. Jillian

    My niece ROCKS my 5 inch heels like nobody’s business! It’s amazing she’s only 3 and she’s more of a fashionista than I am at 20

    she dresses herself and everything!

  17. babyd0ll

    OMG. I love it. When I was that age my mom would tell me I would hurt myself…I think it did something to my psyche about heels. I love em and I do fine for the first hour. After that, its like I forgot how I left the house in them lol

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