When you get a lovely fever…


Do you get spring fever? I sure do. I get it big time. Mostly it’s a mentality that I better get outside and start picnicking under cherry blossoms and sunshine. To dress up in my girliest clothes and giggle, and feel wonderful.

Clara Larrea, a young fashion designer, has put together a lovely collection of  soft romantic clothes with a strappy lace fringes and pearly details, feminine chaps that echo a guarder belt or sexy leggings.

She describes the inspiration around her collection….

The inspiration comes from inside, its an introspective vision of the concept of “beauty” the result is a feminine collection, that cares about the detail, nostalgic and contemporary. It’s a shining collection to wear a kind of dark woman. I tried to do wearable clothes with a touch of distinction.

jennineWhen you get a lovely fever…