Well, I’ll be a monkey’s cousin…


The first time I came across monkey fur was at the Deco Show this past winter. It was awkward, being born and bred in California has made me naturally dubious of fur. Of course, living in warm climates, fur has always meant an extreme cost for glamor both fiscally and morally. That with the fact I was a vegetarian for ten years, and vegan for two of those ten, a huge portion of my life, I had great difficulties even with leather. For years, the whole concept of wearing even a leather jacket gave me the heebie jeebies.

Which is the word I would use when I first came in contact with monkey fur. Popular in the 1930′s and 40′s there are quite a number of vintage monkey fur coats floating around on places like eBay and vintage shoppes. The fur itself is creepy because it eerily feels like human hair.

The sales lady said “all the Swedish girls love monkey fur” as if that would entice me to purchase the jacket.

The sales lady said “all the Swedish girls love monkey fur” as if that would entice me to purchase the jacket. Of course, the Scandinavians, they did not have the luxury of sunny warm weather in January. And for some reason, Europeans can carry this stuff off without as much guilt. I don’t know how, but they do.


I’m somewhat mystified with the whole monkey fur thing, I loved Gareth Pugh‘s Mongolian Warrior type coats. Although I am not sure what kind of fur it is, it reminds me of monkey. Also, the coats like the ones found on Face Hunter and Alta Mira, both are shockingly cool in my eyes. Although, if a monkey fur coat existed like the bolero Kingdom of Style wore to LFW, (not monkey) I would be smitten. In the research, I came across a pair of old monkey fur booties that are incredible. Though they were created as an art piece, I would be delighted to see a pair produced, perhaps not using anything too high on the evolutionary ladder.

So where exactly do I draw the line?

Is this shameful coveting? I’m intrigued by fur culture. I don’t really know what to say. On one hand there is something rather dark and sinister about it, but I feel somewhat better about buying vintage fur. I own a jacket with a real fox fur collar. I love it, and it keeps me much warmer than the synthetic counterparts. Sure, I’m wearing a tiny dog, but that dog has been dead longer than I’ve been alive.

There have always been faux alternatives, and even fur options that perhaps can rest in my mind easier. I love the way it looks, but I still can’t wholeheartedly wear my fur collar without feeling guilty.

I’m very confused, and I’m sorry for confusing you.

jennineWell, I’ll be a monkey’s cousin…