Pierrot Halloween Costume, Mostly Homemade


Earlier this week I spoke about what I was going to be for Halloween. Pierrot, the 17th century clown, but obviously, modernized.

I’m hosting a carnival themed Halloween party for toddlers, so of course I wanted to have a comfortable, yet fun costume to wear for the day. So after looking through all the images of clowns on Pinterest, I nailed down the clown look from items (mostly) in my wardrobe. A white dress from H&M, my Jeffrey Campbell cut out booties and polka-dot socks were already in my closet. The clown hat I made from felt, fabric stiffener, pom-poms, a headband and hot glue. The collar was a $10 tutu with ball fringe hot glued on. And the dress, I just used safety pins to attach the black pom-poms. The costume was surprisingly sturdy as I pedaled through town on my bike to get it photographed by my friend Liisa (you should check out her SF Looks blog, it’s great).

Anyway! This is what I’ll be! I’m deciding on doing the hair and makeup depending on how much time I have tomorrow!

pierrot_hat_1 pierrot_shoes_1

Happy Halloween!

Photos by Lissa Jokinen

jenninePierrot Halloween Costume, Mostly Homemade

Taye Diggs Followed Me On Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.14.26 PM

On Sunday I was working on this Halloween party, and my phone made that beeping sound. I looked over and saw, “@tayediggs is following you on Twitter.”

Taye Diggs? As in that super hunky actor with a killer smile? No! It could not possibly be. Must be one of those parody accounts. Although, a parody Taye Diggs account would be hilarious. You know, like a “confessions of a hot guy” or an “it’s so hard being so sexy” type thing.

I’m not a celebrity stalker. I barely know who’s famous. I know enough to not feel left out of a conversation, but not enough to be the expert in celebrity affairs. I don’t really have any “celebrity crushes” except maybe if you count that one time I found Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York to be oddly attractive. The mustache (back in 2000, handlebar mustaches were not a hipster thing… yet) the greasy hair, the one eye. I still don’t understand what that crush was all about.

When I saw that the @tayediggs account was indeed that of THE Taye Diggs, I squealed like a teenage girl.

When I saw that the @tayediggs account was indeed that of THE Taye Diggs, I squealed like a teenage girl. Of course I texted my friends who I would think would be most likely to also squeal like teenage girls about the Taye Diggs situation. We laughed. We though it was cool, or funny. Then I went on with my day.

Then, one of the ladies who I texted about the following, forwarded an email, “Taye Diggs is Following You On Twitter.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.12.22 PM

Taye Diggs followed her too! Oh my goodness! Was he just going through a massive following day?

On Monday, ANOTHER friend posted on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.09.40 PM


My teenage squealing subsided as reality set in.

I’m actually not so special. Here I was thinking that somehow Mr. Diggs found my raving about microwave burritos and other non sequitur  charming enough to follow me. But that is not the case.

He followed so many people so quickly—thousands and thousands per day—that it started to feel less like a follow and more like a deranged chase.”

Back in April of this year, Diggs did a massive following of random people on his Twitter account. According to Gawker,He followed so many people so quickly—thousands and thousands per day—that it started to feel less like a follow and more like a deranged chase. He followed a volunteer fire department. He followed a youth soccer camp. He followed the maker of a wine ice cream.”

Embarrassed by this, he confessed his actions were due to a social media consultant advising him to “build up his Twitter presence” utilizing this strategy. What he probably did not know was that this strategy that was used aggressively by online marketers in 2008. Since then, the follow-for-follow tactics had led to Twitter suspended accounts that followed and unfollowed too many people in a short amount of time.

I’m not a Twitter expert. An “early adopter” sure, but generally I just reserve Tweeting for when I find my own thoughts amusing. Sometimes that’s a lot, and sometimes, not so much. But I’m pretty sure that Mr. Diggs needs to find a new Social Media consultant.

Or maybe he just needs to heed my advice about focusing on that “hot guy” archetype and woo us on line as he does with his killer smile on screen.

And if you like, you can help him out and follow him on Twitter here.


jennineTaye Diggs Followed Me On Twitter

Halloween Inspiration: Pierrot the Clown


Clowns pretty much scare everyone. The scary makeup. The enormous feet. The nose that honks. The Stephen King books. I pretty much get nightmares every time I see a clown. So what makes a better Halloween costume than that of a clown?

Ok, there are several, like sexy jellyfish, or sexy Diet Coke, but I happen to be hosting a carnival themed Halloween party for toddlers and babies, so sexy costumes are totally inappropriate. As are scary ones. So how do you make a clown less scary? Make them chic! I’m going to be a “Pierrot” a  mute clown born of the late 1700′s , Pierrot was the clown who pined for the love of Columbine, a lady clown who would always choose Harlequin. Pierrot would eventually become “an alter-ego of the artist, specifically of the famously alienated artist of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” Pierrots are also an easy home-made costume, because it really only requires a collar, a white cone hat, or black scull cap, white clothes and pom-poms either sewn or pinned as buttons. A costume that can quite go from scary to chic.

dce8888e77540970927f31529ea8ab7f49f285805c8945379276d7d16ac9c322 992779946d794501a31763402bd1cf39d675d94ccb13b7ea936657005b5cf9c2 71b620b6ae143183ae39713245db9baa clowns 6ea21172eed9fb477866b6deb9c72c6e 1994a0eb3c311ff393b4ccf37ede40eb ecade0228e705a05ed0fa8918da336c5 5403bc0ee66bfc26a6d08d8b1f1c7781
tildatheclown 7916bfa9afdb004f655c72cc78bfca1e

jennineHalloween Inspiration: Pierrot the Clown

Wishing for Fall


So yeah, I’m basically wearing things I’ve owned forever. A lot of it is that I still have boxes of clothes from before I was pregnant, that between the pregnancy and the getting back to my pre-pregnancy body it’s been a few years, and a continent away. In my box of “fall/winter” clothes are a lot of knits, wool, leather, materials lush and cozy. But here in California, there really isn’t a need for it. You can still wear sweaters and leather, but it’s not like in New York where you NEED to have warm clothes or you’ll be hating life.

I grew up in warm weather places, and for some reason the stores would always carry heavy coats and sweaters that someone in San Diego would never have use for but maybe two days a year. I would dream of one day being able to wear hats and gloves and have lush coats. I lived that dream and well, it’s not as exciting as I thought it would be. When you live in real seasons, every season is great, then it sucks. So basically, no matter where you go, you’ll always yearn for something else.

That said, I do love wearing various textures, and the bonus of Northern California is that it’s cool enough to actually wear sweaters as long as they aren’t too heavy. You don’t need socks or tights. You can layer a little bit. I’m dressing for fall even though “fall” in my neck of the woods looks the same as January or April.

Wearing: Sunglasses: Super • Bag: MCM • Sweater gift from Massimo Dutti • Leather Skirt • Raoul • Shoes: Prada

[Photo by Stylenik]


jennineWishing for Fall

Whatever happened to pant suits?


So yeah, you might think I’m going talk about how I’m so sorry I wore sweatpants in an outfit post, and how now I’m going to dress up and make an effort. Well, ok, I realize I need to make more of an effort, not just in outfits but in life in general.

But alas, I am still wearing the sweat pant. Only this was mailed to me by the lovely PRs at Mother Denim. This faux leather jogging pant is not your typical pair of sweats. Especially since I throw it on with a blazer and a tee (my go-to 3 minute outfit).  I’ve also forgone the annual fall boots purchase in favor of loafers. No, loafers are not the same thing as boots, but realizing that I have a lot of boots, and California isn’t exactly where boots play an essential part of surviving the weather, I got loafers.

So basically aside from the tee-shirt and the fact the pants are in the sweatpant style, I’m wearing black pants, a black blazer and loafers. The elements for workwear. Sure, it’s evolved to where you really couldn’t wear this outfit to an office job. Does this mean workwear can be worn outside the office while people are trying to wear jeans to work? Perhaps. I’ve seen guys wear ties to wear to their coffee shop jobs. So perhaps this is the female equivalent. I kind of like pant suits. Maybe it’s time to explore that some more.

Wearing: Blazer: Filipa K • Tee: Target • Necklace: House of Harlow • Pants: Gift from Mother • Loafers: Bass • Bag: Sophie Hulme

Photo by Lissa Jokinen

jennineWhatever happened to pant suits?

Dress Over Frayed-Hem Jeans

dressoverjeansTypically, now isn’t the time to be super into white jeans. But alas, I am. Mostly because I finally worked up the nerve to cut them to the perfect length for my legs. Cropped so they show a little skin between while wearing ankle boots. I’ve also been keeping things simple, color-wise, but experimenting with silhouettes. Earlier this year, I noticed a few dresses over jeans around the interwebs, while I’m not really into diving into that bit whole-hog, there is something about some of the shirt dresses out there that scream, “wear me with pants.” I’m thinking dresses that might be too scandalous worn alone. This button-down cardigan/shirt dress (it’s half cardi/half shirt) is just one of those pieces. While it’s still too warm to layer, I did try it over a pair of white jeans.

Wearing: Cardi Dress: Uniqlo • Jeans: Paige • Boots: Rachel Comey • Bag: MCM

Photo by Lissa Jokinen


jennineDress Over Frayed-Hem Jeans

Hair Crush: Freja Beha Erichsen


When I start thinking about getting my hair cut, colored, or whatever, the first thing I do is put together an inspiration folder of hair styles that I like. Freja Beha Erichsen is one of those people I keep going back to.Tousled waves. Bangs that have a mind of their own. Just the right amount of frizz. A shade of brown so rich, it’s almost edible, with highlights that don’t even try to be blonde. And most of all, she owns it. Her hair does its thing, and she just goes with it. She’s beautiful, which helps, one has to have a carefree spirit has to go with wild hair like that.

She’s one of the few people who stick with that medium length, as many models and celebs have loooong hair or super short. Personally, I find clavicle length to be the best for my own locks. And my bangs, they never do what I tell them to. Even when I demand them to stay put. And brown hair can easily look uninspired. No one dreams of having brown hair, well, not like people dream of being a blonde or a red head, or having raven-black hair. But Freja makes being a brunette covetable.

So there’s my love letter to Freja’s hair.

freja_hair22 freja_hair19 freja_hair18 freja_hair17 freja_hair16 freja_hair13 freja_hair11 freja_hair9 freja_hair8 freja_hair7 freja_hair6 freja_hair5 freja_hair1

Images from: Dossier Journal, Russh Magazine, Mother, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino, Vogue UK, and Adam Whitehead

jennineHair Crush: Freja Beha Erichsen