Chambray Jumpsuit & Clogs: Why Say Never?

If the old adage ‘never say never’ in fashion… why the heck are people always saying never, never and NEVER. They even add in things like ‘not in a million years.’ ‘wouldn’t be caught dead.’ or ‘wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.’

It’s madness… even I do it. Scoff at one thing one day, only to cuddle it the next. It’s a dysfunctional relationship, if fashion were a person, it’d have to be the most ridiculously co-dependent doormat ever. I mean it’s not like a pair of shoes is going to tell you to ‘fuck off’ because the way you made fun of them at a party last week. No, the pair of shoes will go on your feet, maybe you give you a blister for being an ass.

“Never is the next new thing”
~Wendy Brandes says in this post.

I’ve said, I’m not going back to American Apparel, and I did. They didn’t block me at the door, telling me I couldn’t come in after I sneered at their ridiculous advertising. I said I was too old to wear things like jumpsuits (but have worn them over and over). I’ve said millions of times, I couldn’t do the hippie 70′s thing (which includes clogs) and I got clogs. I’ve also said I’d never wear this popcorn sweater again..that it was going to the incinerator after seeing a particularly unflattering picture of me wearing it.

And here it is. I did go to American Apparel (granted for my husband) and I did see this chambray jumpsuit and I love it. It’s comfortable and sassy. I did buy the Miu Miu clogs, and wore them. And the popcorn sweater, I still wear it. So why do I say never? Beats the heck out of me…

Jumpsuit: American Apparel • Sweater: Rebecca Taylor • Necklace: Nordstrom Rack • Shoes: Miu Miu • Bag: Vintage • Cuff: Market Publique • Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley

jennineChambray Jumpsuit & Clogs: Why Say Never?