Miu Miu Clogs

Are you one for instant gratification, or do you like to hold out until the right thing comes along? For me, it’s a little of both. With the clog trend that’s been going on, I succumbed a little with my Jessica Simpson clog heels…but man…they are soo high, and over the top. I’d love to wear them more often, but it’s just impossible, they will break my ankle, it’s terrifying to walk on the sidewalk outside my house. If I can’t get into a cab, it’s too much.

That’s why I held out from getting a new pair of clogs, they’re loud, low heels look frumpy, and high heels look scary. But when I saw these Miu Miu clogs at Cris on Polk Street, it was all over. The first day I saw them, I walked away, but something kept saying to get them or I’ll regret it. Oh, that something is Wendy Brandes and Princess Poochie… don’t contemplate getting shoes around them two, they’ll talk you into every time!

So can I walk around in these shoes? I live on a pretty steep hill, and I can attest, yes, these shoes are very stable, the rubber soles are great quality and they don’t sound like a couple of wooden planks like the Dr. Scholl’s shoes do. They’re really comfortable, and with the classic color, I can imagine wearing them with anything.

If you’d like to get a pair of your own, someone is selling the Miu Miu embroidered clogs on eBay in both the high heel and the low heel or you can run a search for Miu Miu clogs. Purchasing off this affiliate link supports The Coveted.

jennineMiu Miu Clogs