Amarcord Vintage: Knick Knock Knickerbockers

amacordEver since childhood, I’ve had a thing for knickerbockers. My favorite pair were purple and I wore them with brown Mary Janes. I guess not that much has changed, only it took ages to find a pair of knickerbockers that fit properly…the ones I do have are a bit big… on my trip to Williamsburg with Pamela, she took me to Amarcord Vintage where I found this beautiful pair of dead stock tweed knickerbockers, they’re a high quality I haven’t encountered for a while, and for $50, more than reasonably priced. Even though they fit a bit snug, but all in all look great. Ok… so they’re a bit tight, pre-lycra high waisted trousers tend be constricting, which is why I wore so many skirts back then, but revisiting vintage trousers, they really dictate movement, causing me to sit up straight, as opposed to the keyboard slump I’m used to. Also, I’m hyper aware of my waist, “I have a WAIST???” because… a thing that I’ve forgotten about in recent years. It’s almost as if clothes today, as liberating as they are also allow us to have poor posture and gorge on giant portions of food. Not that I don’t love lounging around in cotton jersey (oh I do!), but it’s forgiving qualities sometimes bring out the worst in me.

Styling high waisted trousers can be tricky, not a lot of blouses today are meant to be tucked in, and to tell the truth, I never really mastered the whole ‘tucking in’ business with shirts. As an alternative, I’ve found a modern way to wear them is with a loose fitting cropped tee. In fact, I’ve been looking for the proper one for some time, and now I’m onto looking for sweaters with a similar cut, this one came from Urban Outfitters…but the hunt is so on, especially since I’m loving how high waisted trousers are looking lately.


jennineAmarcord Vintage: Knick Knock Knickerbockers